Marlene Engan
2011 Winterseason Fri, 29/04/11
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In December 2010 we decided not to extend the contract with the rally car Fiesta ST´s owner. The team had had the car for two years. The car had improved my driving, the car was excellent – so good to drive, but because of my crash in October, we had to look forward. The crash cost us a lot, and this was the season´s last rally for us (Swedish Championship in Rally in Katrineholm). It´s the same for every rally-driver, it´s all about sponsors and economy. So, like some of you already know, I take my last year of my bachelor´s degree in journalism in Dublin. This is also why I from now on, I will write in English. We first decided to take the half year off, so I could finish my bachelor´s and concentrate on the school. But after a talk with my good friend Anders Brynildsen, the opportunity to be a co-driver for him in the winter season was not far away. He had bought a new rally car, a VW Polo Super 1600. He had not been in a rallycar since his crash in the Norwegian Championship at Aurskog/Høland in 2009. So it was a big challenge for both of us. Anders hand´t been in a rally in 1.5 years, and for me, it was 3 years since I was a co-driver. I had just been co-driving for Anders in a small rally in Sweden in spring 2009. We won that rally in our class! So the first rally for us together was Rally Hadeland – the second rally in the Norwegian Championship. I missed the first because I had one of my exam that day it was the recce to the rally. The week before the rally we had a test in Elverum and a recce test in Moss. It was a lot to work with in a short time, but we had a good feeling about this rally. Rally Hadeland started with good progression. We did not push the car to it´s limit; the times showed us that. It was just to dare to use the car. After the second service, we decided to try harder, and we did that on stage 5 – but right after flying finish, the engine went on fire! We got off the small fire by throwing snow into the engine space. We got interviewed by the rally radio after this happened. It was just a small fire, for those who listed to the radio. The reporter exaggerated a little. Hehe. When we drove the car to the next stage, we realised that the clutch was gone. It was a broken oil pipe that caused the fire. It ended for us after stage 5, we had to retire from the rally. It didn´t feel good to retire, but that´s rally.

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